Our storefront is currently closed until April 7th due to the mandatory COVID-19 shutdown.

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We have launched this new online store earlier than anticipated to make it available to you during these COVID-19 shutdowns, and so the online inventory is far from complete.  But we are working diligently at uploading dozens of items every day.  Keep checking in or email us at [email protected] should you be looking for something specific tht you would like added to the site as a priority.

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As always we will have over $500,000 in additional stock of semi-precious stone, and exotic woods.  Come in and be amazed by the huge selection and low prices!


We will periodically post some beading history, project ideas, and store news and promotions here for you.


A Charming Idea for Mala Bracelets​​​​​​​​​

We all love the look of stacked Mala bracelets, and nothing adds pizzazz like a dangling charm or two.
But what happens if all the bracelets you want to wear together have charms? Overdone would be the word!
Try this as a solution to the problem. Attach your charms to a small lobster clasp. That way you can attach them to bracelets and detach at will.


A Quick Way to Make Your Necklace Match Your Outfit​​​​​​​​

Make several long necklaces, without clasps, in different colours and from different kinds of beads.
They should all be exactly the same length (we used 37” as our ideal measurement, but you may prefer it longer or shorter).
These can be simple seed beads, or pearls, or semi-precious stones. The more variety the better.
Choose several necklaces that match your outfit. Twist them, place them around your neck, and fasten them with a pearl shortener.

The Sociology of Beads​​​​​​​​​

Our current society often thinks of beads as a hobby for old ladies and children --- and this is an opinion especially prevalent amongst bank managers and landlords!
But in fact, in our experience it is quite different. About 75% of our clientele over the years has been educated upper-middle-class and high-powered career women. A further 10% has been men in the same socio-economic stratum. One tends to forget that “a string of pearls” is in fact a string of beads!
Beads are so irresistible to so many of us because they go to the very soul of man. Every civilization around the world has had beads from the earliest times. As a matter of fact their earliest appearance in any culture is the anthropological “beginning of civilization”. It indicates a transition from all effort going into subsistence and survival to the beginning of adornment and artistic expression.
For the first several thousand years, beads consisted of drilled shells, seeds, wood, and stones, all gifts of Mother Nature. But as man’s technological capabilities have developed, these abilities have been used not only for weaponry and practical items, but for beads. Clay and pottery, metals, and for the last 5,000 years glass, have all been used to create these miniature works of art. Within the last hundred years we have added plastics of all types to our repertoire.


Beady i is the largest bead store west of Toronto, with over 35,000 items in stock.

We carry semi-precious beads and specimens, Swarovski and Heavenly crystal, seed beads, Delicas, Superduos and many other designer two-hole beads, glass, acrylic, precious metals and zinc, wood, and ceramic.
Our selection of findings is amazing, and our staff is knowledgeable and helpful.  You will see that our customers have a way of becoming our friends at Beady i !

We look forward to seeing you in our store, but in the meantime check out our website for some helpful tips and fun ideas, as well as our online shop with a few of our new and high end products listed.  We are a great source for for gifts!